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About us

We are Climb3D!

We have been climbers for several years, so when the 3D-printer technology came to our attention, we decided to mingle our hobbies together to create something never seen before… The intuition came to our minds when we built our own climbing wall. So, we started to 3D-modelling, printing and testing prototypes always different, always a little better. Working hard pays and, after a lot of experiments, tests and nights in front of the monitors, at last, we got it! Our climbing holds are very light, resistant, eco-friendly and …innovative!
We really care about the environment, we’re rock (and not plastic) climbers after all, so we’d like to make the entire process more eco-friendly as we can. For now, using bio-plastic, in the future who knows, we’ll never stop researching.

The south Italy community has given us a lot of help supporting us since the alpha-testing phase and giving us a lot of essential feed-backs and suggestions. We are very grateful to all of them.

Climbing is already a creative sport, but we’re bringing it to the next level!


CLIMB3D ........

... in a nutshell!

  • Climb3D is  part of Fabcraft srls
  • Fabcraft was founded in 2018 in Bari, Italy by Luigi Moretti and Valentino Sangiorgi
  • Winner of PIN Pugliesi Innovativi

Climb3D by Fabcraft srls

FabCraft S.r.l.s. was found, by Luigi Moretti e Valentino Sangiorgio, at the beginning of 2018 after the winning of PIN, Pugliesi Innovativi, an European tender managed by Apulia region, with the project called “Climb3D”.Porpoise of the project is the realization of a free climbing indoor wall using technologies as 3D-printers and CNC milling machines. The innovation introduced is not only about the realization process, but it includes interesting new features in the products themselves.

The lightness and the eco-friendly approach are the main goals we decided to be focus on. The project is hosted and supported by the Bari’s Polytechnic Institute technological centre in Bitonto (BA), called FabLab PoliBa.

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